The Book!




Shareholder Relations founder John Lefebvre and Institutional Associate Ralph Rieves coauthored Investor Relations for the Emerging Company, published by Wiley Finance.

It is the first definitive work in this field since 1997 and covers all of the new major areas of legislation in the past few years including: Safe Harbor and Regulation FD, as well as dealing with problems that arise from Cyberspace communications. 

The work is designed as a guidebook to senior management
explaining the scope of tasks and responsibilities involved in the investor relations effort.

Chapter five has been reviewed by several investment fund managers.  To a person their enthusiastic reaction was the same. "When does this book come out? How many copies can we get?" 

When asked why the fund mangers were interested in this book they told us, "We want to take positions in undervalued companies and give them your book. We will tell them that if they do the things in this book their stock will go up and of course we (the fund managers) will make money."

We have listed the galley below for your convenience.



PART ONE The Investor Universe

Chapter One:  Introduction

Chapter Two:  The Securities Markets

Chapter Three:  Modern Investing Theories and Practices

Chapter Four:  Institutional Investors

Chapter Five:  Targeting The Microcap Investment Manager

Chapter Six:  Reaching The Individual Investor

PART TWO Compliance and Disclosure

Chapter Seven:  Financial Reporting

Chapter Eight:  The Disclosure Challenge

Chapter Nine:  The Chat Room Pox

PART THREE Corporate Practices

Chapter Ten:  Establishing An Investor Relations Department

Chapter Eleven:  Best Practices for News Release

Chapter Twelve: Best Practices For Presentations and Conference Calls