Other Services



Other Services Include

  • Initiation and maintenance of relationships with Market Makers.

  • Solicitation of investment banking contacts.

  • A Senior Associate, Ms. Laurie Roop, was formerly a Syndicate Manager for a Denver based brokerage firm. 

  • She continues to maintain her syndicate relationships and can introduce Clients to appropriate investment bankers. 

  • Shareholder Relations acts as an advocate for Clients during IPOs. 

  • Recently, we assisted in an underwriting and brought indications of interest for the entire offering. 

  • Solicitation of analysts.

  • Solicitation of brokers when large quantities of new brokers have made inquiries.

  • Syndicate Assistance - one Associate is a former Syndicate manager and able to help in Syndication efforts. We have worked on several syndications with broker/dealers over the past few years.

  • Due diligence work related to additional programs.

  • Due diligence work related to obtaining a Specialists.