This program has traditionally been for Clients that meet minimum institutional standards - market capitalization over $20 million ($50 million is preferred), a market price of $5 per share or more, and active trading volume. We identify 10 other public companies that are most similar to the Client. A search is then done of all the institutions that have made purchases in these stocks in the past year. These institutions then become the highly targeted focus of the initial portion of this program. We arrange for a research report, or our Executive Summary is prepared for soliciting interest in the Client's company. Follow-up calls are made by Shareholder Relations seeking to set appointments for the Client to make direct presentations. Institutional Clients tend to buy larger blocks of stock and are often willing to pay premiums for outstanding market performers.

Shareholder Relations institutional program: 

1) identifies institutions that have an interest in a Client’s industry; 

2) identifies institutions that have a general interest in companies with profiles similar to our Client’s company; 

3) prepares and presents a features-and-benefits-style presentation to gain initial interest; 

4) solicits interest from targeted institutions; 

5) sets appointments for management to make direct presentations; 

6) solicits interest from analysts that follow a Client’s industry; and 

7) follow up on these contacts.

Our research has uncovered a number of institutions that have expressed a willingness to buy companies with market caps of less than $100 million with 50% or more of their portfolios. We make introductions of Client companies to these institutions and set appointments for senior management to make formal presentations.