Elwayne K Hafen, Vice President, Project Management

Mr. Hafen possesses over three decades of success working in the brokerage industry, spending his last 6 1/2 years as a retail broker with Stifel Nicolaus, a NYSE member firm. Elwayne commenced his industry tenure in 1979 in Denver. He later became a partner at a small Denver-based broker/dealer. In 1985, he cofounded Royce Park investments which quickly grew to employ 150 retail brokers, occupying 10 offices throughout the USA. Mr. Hafen gained solid experience in investment banking and syndication, financing micro-cap businesses totaling just over $30 million in five years. Elwayne sold Royce Park and moved to Neidiger, Tucker, Brunner, Inc, serving there for nine years as a top-producing retail broker. Mr. Hafen possesses a well-deserved reputation for integrity as a retail broker and a talented market technician. Oil and gas and technology-based companies have been at the heart of Elwayne's focus working within the financial industry. In January, 2008, Mr. Hafen left his retail brokerage career in favor of providing consulting services for corporate development and investor relations for micro- small- and mid-cap companies.

Mr. Hafen's prior professional career commenced in 1968 and ran to 1979 where, as an electrical engineering assistant with Lockheed Martin's aerospace program, he was part of missions such as the launch vehicles for Titan III and IV; Skylab's program T-027 photometer experiment and the 509 MMU computer. He subsequently trained astronauts and the proper usage of that equipment. During the Skylab orbit, he worked at Huntsville -- NASA Marshall Space Flight Center as a tactical assistance to the Johnson Space Center. Mr. Hafen's most notable award was his contribution to the development and success of the Skylab program, the Viking 1 Mars Lander mobile data processing center, onboard camera and system check out

Little did Elwayne know that during his tenure with NASA's space program, his hobby of choice, investing in the stock market and trading according to his technical charts, would lead him to such a triumphant financial industry career.

In his spare time, Mr. Hafen has served on his homeowners association since 1981, working in several positions, including eight years as a board member and aiding in managing the associations $450,000 annual budget. Mr. Hafen attended Metro State College in Denver Colorado.