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Exigent International

Exigent is a high technology software and engineering firm providing solutions to the satellite industry. One of our Associates began working on Exigent in March of 1997. It was a recently listed company on the NASD BB and traded with a bid price of $1 per share. The stock seldom traded and carried a big spread between the bid and offer. In March of 1998, a second Associate joined the team with the stock still trading on the Bulletin Board at a price of $3 per share on the bid. We needed to attract nearly 300 new shareholders in order to qualify the shares for listing on Nasdaq. Exigent was able to apply for Nasdaq in late May of 1998. By August, a major setback in the satellite industry caused the Company’s shares to decline and no longer meet the minimum bid price. Finally, on March 1, 1999, Exigent received its Nasdaq listing. During this time period the float had increased by 300%, the shares have traded as high as $7 and daily volume has increased to 24,000 shares. Exigent is a current client.

Acacia Research Corporation

Acacia was an NASD BB listed company that needed 400 additional shareholders to meet the Nasdaq NMS market requirements. They approached us in December of 1995 and asked us to help them diversify their shareholder base. During our tenure the stock dipped from $5 per share to the $3 range then rebounded to the $10 area by August of 1996. Acacia received its Nasdaq listing at the beginning of July 1996. 

TELS Corporation

TELS creates and sells a phone and billing system designed for small- to medium-sized hotel and motel firms. The project was brought to us in August of 1993 with a share price of $1.25. We generated and distributed leads until February of 1994. During this time over one million warrants were exercised, raising much-needed capital for the firm. Share prices increased to over $3 per share. As you can see by the chart volume picked up substantially.

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Exigent International

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