Program Summary




Shareholder Relations provides investor relations services for public companies. We assess the need by examining a Client's goals and then design a cost-effective, pragmatic plan to accomplish these objectives. Then we assemble the appropriate Associates to best execute the plan. 

Shareholder Relations has represented 50 public companies in 20 different industries since 1988 including: Aerospace, Alarm Monitoring, Aquaculture, Automotive, Biomedical, Building Materials, Computer Software, Fast Food, Financial Services, Fine Art Sales, Furniture, Gaming, Gold Mining, Health Care, Health Care Equipment, Medical Imaging, Oil & Gas, Resources, Telecommunications, and Waste Management. Combined experience among all of our Associates is over 80 years. The longest running Client relationship was over 7 years. Our original Client eventually hired us for 12 different projects. 

Shareholder Relations creates pragmatic, systems-oriented investor relations programs to build audiences for micro-cap (less than $200 million) publicly held companies. Lack of specialized knowledge of the securities industry can lessen a company's impact and, at times, cause them to deal less effectively with sensitive issues or miss opportunities for realizing their full value in the market. We can work under the guidance of an in-house Investor Relations director or as a substitute for a full-time professional. Independent firms working for numerous public companies generate a considerably larger circle of influence than does a single person working for only one company. This “cross-pollination” benefits all Client companies.

Many public companies share similar problems: 

  1. Their shares are too narrowly held; 
  2. Their trading volume is too low; 
  3. Their shares are illiquid; and 
  4. They need to raise additional capital. 

These problems can often be resolved by raising awareness within the investment community of the Client's value - the goal of any sound investor relations program.

Just as companies must market their goods and services, public companies must market their shares. With over 10,000 publicly traded companies, it is important to vie for the attention of the investment community. It is more difficult and more expensive to differentiate and market a public company’s shares than it is to perform the same task for its goods and services.

Conventional wisdom says, “You should always raise as much money as possible the first time around as you cannot go back to the well.” Shareholder Relations believes that this is true primarily because issuers ignore “the well” after they dip in for their first bucket of money allowing it to go dry or fall into disrepair. If a company raises only an appropriate amount of capital, then achieves credible performance and maintains its “well” through an effective investor relations program, subsequent rounds of financing result in less dilution (cost) and all parties benefit. It is less expensive to maintain a constant presence in the market than to take a sporadic approach.

Shareholder Relations' approach has been formed through experience with the public marketplace since 1978. Through an understanding of the needs and motives of management, shareholders, investors, brokers, underwriters and analysts, programs have been developed to achieve results for our Clients and benefit all parties.

Shareholder Relations philosophy is to be honest in telling our Client’s story support our stockbrokers with the type of collateral material that they expect and expect them to be honest with us and their investors while supporting our Client’s stocks.

Investor Relations involves relationship building. Shareholder Relations motto is: Results come overtime not overnight.