Ethics Code



Code of Conduct / Ethics

  • Shareholder Relations will maintain the highest possible standards and will obey all rules and regulations of the securities markets.

  • Client agrees to hold Shareholder Relations harmless for any and all misstatements made by Client and subsequently conveyed to the financial community by Shareholder Relations.

  • Client agrees to nominate a person within their organization to act as a point person for the Client and to convey a consistent message to Shareholder Relations.

  • Client agrees to give an accurate summary of prior Investor Relations activities.

  • In the event that the Client is using Shareholder Relations to seeking funding, Client will inform Shareholder Relations of all prior contacts that have been approached for funding and what the outcome or status of each contact has been.

  • Client will make every effort to inform Shareholder Relations of any new contacts for funding made within a 24-hour period, and keep Shareholder Relations current on all developments.

  • Shareholder Relations agrees to keep information given to it by Client confidential when the Client has specifically mentioned that the content is confidential.

  • Client agrees to abide by the highest standards with respect to ethical behavior.

  • Client agrees not to mention to any outside sources those to whom Shareholder Relations has introduced to the Client.

  • Client will not knowingly misrepresent or exaggerate any information about itself to Shareholder Relations.